It’s close to a year since we gave you news of ‘Fågelsången’, the first track to be lifted from V, the latest album from the Swedish dream-pop duo of Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander. At that time, we still knew them as jj, but now they’re back with another stunning taster for the long-awaited record (their third studio album) and they’ve hit CAPS. For we give you the all-new: JJ.

We’ve already seen the epic trailer for V, and now JJ have added to the anticipation with the release of ‘All White Everything’. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Benon and Kastlander, times a thousand; Kastlander’s glacial vocals glide through the track, part detached, part tender embrace while all around her we have gorgeous drops of piano, stirring strings and Benon’s clever and unpredictable programmed beats. It’s the grandest JJ have sounded so far, and it’s truly wonderful.

V will be released on August 18th via Secretly Canadian. You can listen below to ‘All White Everything’, as well as taking a look at the tracklist:

1. V
2. Dynasti
3. Dean & Me
4. All White Everything
5. When I Need You
6. Fågelsången
7. Full
8. Inner Light
9. Hold Me
10. I
11. Be Here Now
12. All Ways, Always

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