Obsession is a terrible, all-consuming thing.

On ‘Deceive’, the latest release from Denmark’s electronic wizard Trentemøller, it’s given voice by The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner. Over dark disco he sings hypnotically, darkly, androgynously of loving, deceiving and tricking. Wagner is willing this unnamed object of obsession to “do it all the time” while Trentemøller provides a pulsating backdrop to his chilling musings: if ever there was a case of perfectly matching lyrics and vocalist to the style of a track, this Danish pair have pulled it off.

The theme of obsession continues in the video, courtesy of Trentemøller’s long-time artistic collaborator Andreas Emenius. Featuring a series of equine close-ups, the clip itself is a detailed (if not obsessive) study of an animal with Emenius explaining “Sune’s hypnotic words about an obsession for someone, the idea of almost wanting to be another body, I thought work well with the film’s point of view, and it also gave me an opportunity to introduce a visual vocabulary not often seen in music videos.”

‘Deceive’ can be found on the EP of the same name (as well as on the Lost album) both out now on In My Room, and you can watch the video below:



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