Photo by Louise Koustrup

Since the release of their debut EP last year, Danish trio Nelson Can have been garnering some well deserved attention throughout their native Denmark and beyond, and this trend is sure to continue with the release of their second EP, simply called EP2.

The lead track ‘Letting Go’ is a punchy, psychedelic experience cut through with a hypnotic bass line and lead singer Selina Gin’s soulful, yet sightly unnerving vocals. The video for the track sees Nelson Can fully embracing their dark side as the flickering scenes take the viewer through a Lynchian landscape of forests and animals complete with spectral apparitions, not to mention some pretty funky dance moves.

Nelson Can don’t use guitars and their unique bass/drums/vocals set-up gives their music a slick edge with some seriously gothic undertones. ‘Letting Go’ expertly combines these elements resulting in an infectious piece of noir-pop.



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