The first Nordic Music Video Awards ever are coming up this Saturday, and we’ve listed the videos that we think are the best in each category and most likely to win! It’s safe to say that it won’t be easy for the decision makers to pick the cherries out of the bowl, as it’s over-flowing with the rich harvest of the past year. That said, here are our favourites from the list of nominees!

Best video – Hilde Marie Kjersem (NO), ‘My Man’, director Therese Økland


Whoever got the idea for the concept of this video, we hope that that person is present at the award show and able to step up when being called out as the winner. The simplicity of the song and its unexpected resonance with the video is hypnotizing. The whole screenplay feels so natural that it’s a question of if any acting was ever needed. The all-boy gymnastics team and its young coach are fantastically portrayed and together the track and the video add up to something more than just that. You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, but you can definitely feel it.

Best director – Jenny Wilson (SWE), ‘Autobiography’, directors Jenny Wilson & Daniel Wirtberg


Jenny Wilson herself is (partly) responsible for the directing for the video for her track ‘Autobiography’. Together with Daniel Wirtberg, she’s put together a twisted, urban clip of five minutes using various techniques and a multi-faceted imagery. Nontheless, it’s a solid piece that builds up well through the first instrumental half of the track and goes over to focusing more on the artist in the vocal parts.

Best cinematography – Donkeyboy (NO), ‘Triggerfinger’, director Bjørn Opsahl


Shot in London, Donkeyboy’s ‘Triggerfinger’ is a dark piece of art. The camera work captures the pulsating city and the drama at the same time, but also takes off-time turns that you wouldn’t expect. It’s able to create the feeling you get when trying to go to bed after five shots of espresso – feverish, yet hyper-active.

Best editing – Yoga Fire (NO), ’Samantha’, director Stephen Butkus


If we are to believe the intro, the video for Norway’s Yoga Fire’s ‘Samantha’ was shot during one day, following the band members around for 12 hours. If that’s the case, it’s really impressive work! Be as it may, the actual footage doesn’t include anything that a day and a night out couldn’t possibly consist of anyway (like skinny dipping and tattooing). The superb, full-speed editing manages to capture all of those moments and turn it into a pumped-up best-of-reel that keeps you fully occupied until you realize the video is already over. An actual appearance by Samantha Fox at the end isn’t too bad either.

Best art direction: Kvelertak (NO), ’Månelyst’, director Fredrik S. Hana


Norwegian hardcore-band Kvelertak are eminent with their video for ‘Månelyst’, directed by Fredrik S. Hana. The clip is a never ending cavalcade of classic horror themes, and the result is terrifying -in a good way. The esthetics is consistent throughout the video and it actually manages to capture the original terror in the themes, avoiding all kinds of sloppy clichés and unnecessary splatter.

Best post production – Sigur Rós (IS), ’Brennisteinn’, director Andrew Huang


Whatever Sigur Rós touches, it seems to turn to gold. With a black and white clip with a few shots of neon, Andrew Huang is able to turn the originally basic elements of the video into a mesmerizing mix of themes, resonating with the track. As with the original song, there’s something indefinitely violent hiding in the background, that needs to be tamed to be presented to the listeners ear and eye. A job very well done.

Best performance (artist/band) – Quadron (DK), ‘Hey Love’, directors Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and Coco O


With their video for the track ‘Hey Love’, Denmark’s Quadron almost pull an “OK Go”. Vocalist Coco O has assisted in directing, which was certainly needed, since the whole video is carefully and seamlessly choreographed. With spiced-up tango, flamenco and cha cha cha (and a handsome set of dresses) this is more than just nice frames one after another. This took time and effort, and it’s gallantly executed.

Best performance (actor) – Jacob Bellens (DK), ‘Do You Have Anything Harder?’, director Lasse Martinussen


The video for Jacob Bellens’ ‘Do You Have Anything Harder’ is a melancholic story with great acting and touching every-day realism that ruthlessly sneaks into the mix. The great, beautiful song adds to the message of the video and vice versa, and the piece makes the viewer hit the ground with a big, uncomfortable thud.

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