Giana Factory
Lasse Bech Martinussen

Young Danes Giana Factory have everything going for them. Onstage, they look like they’ve stepped out of Tumblr – three preturnaturally cool girls washed in projected light, with sharp bangs and sharper hooks. They’re one of those bands that seem to have a natural understanding of the zeitgeist that ripples through their sound and aesthetic.

Trentemøller-produced ‘Lemon Moon’ is case in point: the title track for their forthcoming album has a memorable video that employs footage of American exorcist Bob Larsen trying to rid a distraught girl of her demons. The screams and voices give the throbbing, synth-led dance track a macabre edge. Both the album, and a documentary about Larsen from which the footage is gleaned, are due later in 2014.

Watch the video for ‘Lemon Moon’ just below and get a free download of the track via the band’s Soundcloud page.



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