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Oslo’s Making Marks are making a very salient point in their new video for ‘Like Spinning’, a track off of their debut album A Thousand Half-Truths released in February on Fika Recordings, which features night and day shots of a lovely city (the band’s beautiful home city, I reckon) but focuses in on solitary individuals working out alone in gyms. “Would you like to know about wellness?” asks one running machine. “Wellness is about mental balance”, it continues. This is a song about letting the world pass you by while you absorb the soundbites pervading our 21st century living.

The Norwegian four-piece of Ola Innset,  Nina Bø, Marie Sneve and Jørgen Nordby have honed their gorgeous folk-pop (think Belle & Sebastian plus All’ Darlin’ times a little bit of The Carpenters) to three minutes of tremulous guitar, shivering percussion and the stunning countrified harmonies of Innset and Bø which crystallise perfectly on the chorus of “we can be healthy and happy and free / guided by voices / in neon lit gyms / we can find out who to be”. It’s kind of epically sad, but search it out and there’s an undercurrent of hope just about tangible below the surface.

If you’re lucky enough to live in some of the cities below, you’ll be able to catch Making Marks and their sweet Scandinavian pop music in the flesh very soon:

22.05 – Ohibo, Milan (IT)
23.05 – Café Kairo, Bern (CH)
24.05 – Ostpol, Dresden (DE)
25.05 – Theatron Festival, Munich (DE)
26.05 – Café Konrad, Luxembourg (LX)
27.05 – Astra Stube, Hamburg (DE)
28.05 – Antje Oeklesund, Berlin (DE)
29.05 – Feinkost Lampe, Hannover (DE)



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