Nite Flights

The Scott Walker-influenced name aside, Nite Flights does actually signal a darker turn from Azure Blue‘s main man Tobias Isaksson – but not towards gloomy chamber pop.

‘From Her To Infinity’ is the first release from Swede Isaksson’s collaboration with visual artist Slobodan Zivic (you may know the name from his work with Korallreven, and there will be a whole series of connected images and prints to accompany the music) and is inspired by air travel, cosmic dreaming and house music, among other things. So it makes sense that the first track from the self-titled EP is a space-disco jam that works the brain as much as it does the body: there’s enough ambient noise and whooshes to make it feel like music for stargazing and dreaming, but also plenty of bass and synth pads at work to make the track feel equally at home in club, like a downbeat Todd Terje maybe.

Nite Flights is already available through Stockholm’s Hybris label and contains two more fine, if downbeat, tracks that show Isaksson to be a constantly-evolving artist with plenty more to give.



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