Junk Machine by Erik Hunnes
Photo by Erik Hunnes

Ahh Bergen, what musical sorcery are you putting in the water? It may be that it’s the rainiest place in Europe that makes people spend time indoors creating truly fantastic music maybe?

Well what ever it is, Junk Machine must have been drinking buckets of the blessed H2O, dreaming of sunnier climbs whilst writing their ace debut single ‘Captain Tango’s Final Paradox’ (to be released digitally through Haaland, Eidsvåg & Strøm Distribution).

This blissfully happy slice of sunny scuzz rock could not come at a more perfect time with the sun just cracking through the clouds. Set to the blooper reel of a collection of 15 skaters expertly face-planting the pavement, this song and video should easily be the soundtrack to many a spring/summer day.

Pop it on, turn it up, take it outside and enjoy!