Broken Twin Majke Voss Romme Anti Records

With the release of her debut album fast approaching, Denmark’sĀ Broken Twin has given us another taste of what to expect with the release of a video to accompany new track ‘Glimpse of a Time’.

Majke Voss Romme has spoken of wanting to make her music as lo-fi and minimal as possible, and while the stark electric guitar and piano of this song certainly point to a sparse sound it’s hard to call this “lo-fi” when Romme is in possession of such a startling voice. At once gentle but filled with a powerful clarity of tone, it’s a voice that can only come from experiencing longing and pain…and knowing how to express and process these emotions in a positive way. So with a voice like that on show, it’s appropriate that we’ve a black-and-white video with the simplest shots of Romme throwing some slo-mo shapes…nothing fancy to take away from the beauty of this torch song.

Broken Twin will releaseĀ May on 29th April through ANTI- records.



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