Kaja - Tonje Thilesen
Photo by Tonje Thilesen 

From all of us to all of you Ja Ja Ja readers, happy Valentine’s day!

Oh wait, who said Valentine’s day needs to be all muffypuffy heart shaped candy, kisses and teddy bears? Norwegian singer-songwriter Kaja Gunnufsen has chosen February 14th to release the video for her new single ‘Faen Ta’, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Of the video, Kaja says:

‘Faen Ta’ is about being destructive in every way imaginable.
It about the days when you sleep as long as possible in the absence of anything else to do.
It’s about being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back.
It’s about how pointless everything gets when you live somewhere where you don’t fit in.
It’s about dropping out of your studies, and about loneliness.
It’s about being dissatisfied with the status quo, without doing anything to change it.
It’s about being emo.

How is that for being all about love today?

Regardless, we love all of you.

Check out the video here:



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