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If you’ve ever wondered what a love song written from the bleeping heart of a computer might sound like, today is your lucky day.

Iceland’s Apparat Organ Quartet have handed their song ‘1 2 3 Forever’ over to Au Revoir Simone‘s Annie Hart, who has set it across her loom and woven threads of her own unique magic into it. Stripped of the original track’s driving beat and crescendo, this reworking is gently and insistently metronomic, and as the song ticks along it lulls you into a dazed reverie. While the original wasn’t strictly a love song, this version just might have made it into one.

Annie Hart’s remix of ‘1 2 3 Forever’ is available from Crunchy Frog Recordings here, and you can find the euphoric original on their album Pólýfónía.



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