London-based Norwegian artist Kari Jahnsen, better known as Farao, has released another single from her debut EP, called ‘The Hours’. The song is a mixture of chilly electronica and folk music, where pretty musical transitions are harmoniously blended with shifting rhythms, pace, and drums. One can clearly hear that it is inspired by the Icelandic setting, where it was recorded. But the song has also an almost apocalyptic touch, and the line “the end of time is coming your way” only strengthens that feeling.

Her unique sound caught the attention of music bloggers when her first single was released the 27th of May 2013 and her EP, also titled Farao, will be released the 10th of February via Something Nothing Records. It was recorded in Reykjavik in Iceland, together with Mike Lindsay, the lead singer of Tunng and Cheek Mountain Thief.



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