sleep party people

Just a couple of weeks ago, the video for Sleep Party People‘s track ‘I’m Not Human At All’ leapt past the 1,000,000 view mark on YouTube. It’s a beautifully sombre, green tinged live session and was, for many, a first introduction to the hauntingly childlike vocals and dreamy soundscapes of Copenhagen’s Barry Batz. Since then, Barry and his team of black and white clad bunnies have supplied us with a number of poignant, sometimes devastatingly touching videos, and following on from the August unveiling of ‘Heaven Is Above Us‘, a new clip has just been revealed.

The video – written and directed by Cecilie Evert Kjær and Simon Lundsgaard – accompanies the track ‘We Were Drifting On A Sad Song’, the title track from Batz’s 2012 album, which, according to this picture posted on Facebook will soon be followed by a brand new record! More news on that when we have it, but for now, sit back and allow yourself to drift away on a sad song with Sleep Party People.

(As an extra treat, SPP has made a three track live session available for download – for free! Grab it by clicking here…)



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