Young Dreams

As the much talked about Bergen-wave of new up-and-coming artist and bands from the west-coast of Norway seems to wash over us (at least the part where every new band was hyped up as a part this massive movement emerging from the same scene – including Young Dreams and Razika, among others), a lot of good music continue to arise from the city known for fish, talented musicians and rainy weather.

In late July the Norwegian pop collective Young Dreams released an EP with remixes of ‘Footprints’, the first track on their 2013 album Between Places, which was released earlier this year. Among the remixers that caught our ears is Pandreas, who has turned the five-something-minute tune into a boost of cool electronica fit for indian summer nights. As one comment on Soundcloud says: “this song changed my life, I mean that (yes, it is that good)” so check it out here on Ja Ja Ja Music, and don’t forget to check out more of Pandreas’ mixes here.



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