Why have one only frontman, when you can have three? Icelandic party-starters FM Belfast dared to ask this question a couple of years ago, and they haven’t looked back since.

The FM Belfast philosophy seems to mainly involve being as energetic and entertaining as humanly possible, and so adept are they at inciting a crowd that their live shows can verge on ecstatic speaking-in-tongues rave ups.

However, tripling your Iggy Pops means losing a few Stooges, and that has shown in the past via comparatively thin-sounding studio productions – deprived of a massive PA, FM Belfast have sometimes struggled to set their sound down for posterity. ‘We Are Faster Than You’ moves in the right direction; the looped samples and bassline have a bit of heft, and the chorus kicks nicely. With a seemingly endless stream of catchy Casio-bangers at their disposal, you wonder what they could do with Timbaland at the helm.



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