Efterklang, the Danish band with (not officially, I’m guestimating) the largest collection of nature samples known to man recently played a special gig for Denmark’s FROST Festival and it seems like it was a night of firsts – the first time all 3 core members have played live as a trio, probably the first time they’d played on top of one of the world’s largest diesel engines, the first time playing new song ‘Look Up’. And, well, they gone done it again, effortlessly creating something beautiful and tuneful out of a collection of sounds, this time recorded at the disused Russian mine Piramida in Spitzbergen.

‘Look Up’ is an industrial tinged little ditty featuring all of the ‘klang’s usual experimental brilliance. Haunting looped cave sounds, building to a flowing piano and all topped off with Casper Clausen’s happily melancholic, sparse vocals. Give it a watch, you know you deserve it!



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