Photo: Horður Sveinsson

When the recent Rauðasandur Festival in the Westfjords of Iceland was hit by a storm, the staff, bands and festival-goers alike found themselves forced to retreat from the remote seaside location, regrouping at a bar in nearby Patreksfjördur via a mountainous gravel track.

But, Icelanders being a hardy bunch, a bit of blowy weather was never gonna stop the fun. It came down to Reykjavík duo Nolo to start the party as the crowd dried off in front of a roaring fire. Their show was a revelation, mixing together slick 80s synth textures with screamed Mae Shi-esque vocals, languid pop hooks and a hazy, reverb-on-everything lo-fi sound.

A bit of Internet research shows that they’ve established a prolific back-catalogue of self-produced recordings since their formation in 2009. The track below, ‘Romeo’, is taken from their recent LP Humans, available on Bandcamp for just seven US Dollars – as the band themselves say on Facebook, “that’s almost same as a beer in Iceland. AND WE’RE THIRSTY.”



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