Tood Terje_Press_1

There’s no one who’s managed to make us dance quite like Todd Terje over the past couple of years. The inimitable Norwegian producer/DJ has continually kept us on our toes, with the last year providing some of the most memorable, light and catchy tunes of his career to date. So we here at Ja Ja Ja are absolutely thrilled to be able to reveal that Terje’s brand new single ‘Strandbar (disko)’ very much lives up to the expectations created by recent tracks/hits/bangers ‘Inspector Norse’ and the Lindstrøm laden ‘Lanzarote‘.

‘Strandbar (disko)’ confirms exactly what we’ve suspected all along – that nobody can write a hook quite like Todd Terje. So check out the track below and make sure to keep a close eye on Ja Ja Ja Music over the next few months to find out about all of Todd Terje’s news.

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