YAST is the kind of band that perfectly sums up everything you are feeling as you are cruising through the hot summer streets on your skateboard, feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair; as you close your eyes, smell the distinguish taste of barbeque and beer and hear all your friends laughing of someone’s joke as you are all gathered in the park; or as you’re simply dreaming back to all of those summer days where everything seemed to be perfect. It is dreamy, it is filled with the hope of romance and they have just the right amount of naive youthfulness.

As we have said (written) before, YAST have everything that makes them perfect for sun and summer; lo-fi, naive sound, dreamy guitars and distinctive vocals. Ok, enough with the praising. I love them, we love them and hopefully you will love them too.

On April 26 the Swedish romance rockers internationally released their self-titled debut album, which lucky you can stream right here and now! So, what else is there to do than to press that orange play button, lean back and get to know the band a little better via this “Watch Out” post? The right answer is: there is nothing else to do. So do it! This band is definitely a band to watch out for.

Hi YAST! Who are you and what do you do? 
Hi! We are a Swedish pop band from Sandviken, now based in Malmö.

Your debut album is soon to be released internationally, how does it feel to know that the whole world will be able to listen to your music? 
Good, of course! I think we have a sound that can appeal to anyone. It’s really simple music.

In you were to describe your album in one word, what word would that be? 

What is your inspiration? 
The lyrics are very personal and specific. The sound is a bit looser. We like to steal from everything we like.

To us, you are basically the perfect summer soundtrack. Do you have any must-listens for the summer of 2013? 
Thank you, we like to think so too. Yeah, the new Kurt Vile album is totally gonna be my summer soundtrack!

Any gigs coming up in London?
No, not that we know of at the moment. But hopefully we’ll go there in the fall or something. We did two shows in Liverpool about a year ago and it was really fun and people were very nice!

What’s next?
We are doing two shows in Denmark next week, and then we play at Hultsfredsfestivalen in June. And I just (discovered that) My Bloody Valentine has been booked! Highlight of the summer for sure!

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