Drawing on influences from the likes of fellow Swedes The Knife and Niki and the Dove, mysteriously named Kate Boy have crafted a sumptuous electro pop song, drawing us effortlessly in to their cool Nordic sound. Like their previously popular release ‘Northern Lights’, ‘In Your Eyes’ is a track filled with big beats that will leave you humming to yourself in months to come.

Australian vocalist Kate Akhurst is dressed in a cap and stylish trench coat, like her fellow Swedish band members, who are seen drumming away on electronic pads. Throughout the video, their eyes remain predominantly hidden, contrasting the title, whilst suspended strobe lights turn on and off, resulting in a very minimal visual. The track is a dark, chrome reflection, inspired by the long season of winter Sweden experiences, as band member Hampus Nordgren Hemlin pointed out, “… since we have seven months of darkness and winter, you’ve got to be creative.”

Influenced by ’80s music giants Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, (note Gabriel also has a song titled ‘In your Eyes’), Kate Boy have taken the sound of that era, stylistically mixing it with today’s electronic approach, producing an upbeat pop song that fits deftly within todays Scandinavian music scene.

Stream the video below.

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