Photo: Lasse Fløde

Decribed as “Number 1 buddy and heartbreaker” by his friend and fellow artist Mikhael Paskalev, Jonas Alaska presented his new video for ‘If Only As A Ghost’ today.

Alaska, who this week released his second album, jumped into a pool, fully dressed in a suit and with a weight belt around his waist in order to achieve the mysterious magic of the video. Speaking of it to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, he said: “I have bruises on my hips after the heavy weight belt. I must say I felt a bit fragile when I got home that night and laid down on the couch”. Perfectly understandable, as he spent the whole day  of shooting walking around in a wet suit and jumping into an icing cold pool.

Well, what don’t you do for good art? As seen by the result, it must definitely have been worth it. The video, which is made by André Chocron, accompanies one of Alaska’s best songs from the new album perfectly and is a beautifull piece of work. Check it out for yourself:

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