Club 8’s musical oeuvre spans from 1995 with plenty of springy and effervescent tunes found in their back catalogue, similar to their Swedish pop counterparts Acid House Kings, yet this somber dark song may raise a few eyebrows from listeners, as it is not the typical topic present in today’s music scene. Nonetheless one cannot deny the deep lasting beauty of a track like ‘Kill Kill Kill’.

Though the characteristic sensual percussion of Club 8’s music is present, there is a huge difference in this melancholic potent track. Their signature sound elaborates the musical juxtaposition of each instrument in accordance with vocalist Karolina Komstedt’s soothing harmonies. Organs add dramatic effect, whilst lo-fi drums and guitars with reverb create mellow and warm tones, in stark comparison to the themes of this mournful song. ‘Kill Kill Kill’ is a visually arresting depiction on animal cruelty and even if the video proves to be too harrowing for some viewers, the song is able to stand on its own as a fresh new release from one of Sweden’s long running pop giants.

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