MF/MB/ is guitars, two drum kits, bass, synthesizers, vocals and computers, and what a combination that is! Their introduction on forthcoming showcase festival by:Larm‘s pages, where the band is due to play two concerts in February, tells it all: it’s uncompromising rock. During some intense days isolated in Christoffer Lundqvist’s studio in the spring of 2012 MF/MB/ created their forthcoming second album Colossus. The album, due to be released on February 20 is the sequel to their critically acclaimed Folded from 2010. It is said that the second album is always the hardest to make, but from what their first single ‘Casualties’ sounds like, MF/MB/ has had no problems at all with fulfilling the seemingly large shoes they created for themselves.

Of the single, Victor Nilsson, one of two writers and vocalists in the band, said “A somewhat cynical tale of naive and youthful love. It’s about all the dreams that are born in a euphoria and die just as quickly. Summer. A summer of bad love, or maybe not love at all.” Dark stuff that is, a statement that is backed by the band, stating that with their debut album, they were pulled into the darkness, while on Colossus they sought out the darkness themselves.

Bonus! The single’s second track, ‘Drums Along the Mohawk’, is exlucive and not included in the coming album. Check both of the tracks out here:

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