CTM, otherwise known as solo Danish songstress Cæcilie Trier, infuses her musical style with the knowledge she picked up as part of the Choir of Young Believers as a cellist, and then in the experimental band Chimes & Bell. Trier’s musical compositions are filled with rhythmical nuances, significant to that of ’80s dancehall music; it’s easy to imagine yourself cruising down the streets of nighttime LA with CTM’s music pounding in the nearest boom box.

The single ‘Elsa Palma’ fits accordingly with the Variations EP; we hear her brooding yet delicate vocals alongside the heavy electronic drum beats reverberating away. Catchy and danceable synth pop never sounded so good. Listening to the Variations EP is a trip down memory lane for those of us old enough to remember the nostalgic ’80s. Variations, out now via Tambourhinoceros, is definitely well worth a listen and is available for full streaming below.

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