Everyone who has ever moved away from home knows how sometimes, every now and then, your new home town can kick you down and make you miss your old street, neighborhood and childhood home like crazy. Even though your new town looks oh so  shiny from outside, it just isn’t right.

‘Oslo’ is a song about being homesick, Razika told 730.no. With the line “Dear Oslo, you look so fine, but you are nothing for us” being repeated, the four-piece band once again manifest their love for their hometown Bergen, and at the same time put to words what we guess a lot of their peers are experiencing when moving away for the first time. The single, the first one since the band joined Warner Music Norway, features nothing but the sweet guitar-based pop Razika is so well known for, and gives us a taste of what their forthcoming album, due to be released in January/February 2013, will sound like.

Today, the video for the single was released. Directed by Amazing Factory, the video contains quite a lot of running (from Oslo to Bergen, to be precise) and at the same time it gives you some shots of great Norwegian nature. Check it out here:

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