They are said to be Norway’s new golden children, and we must agree. Kid Astray recently released their debut single ‘The Mess’ and ever since they have been on everybody’s lips. The single has been B-listed on Norwegian radio NRK P3, the band was named band of the week on Urørt, they were confirmed to play at by:Larm 2013 and ‘The Mess’ was released as a part of Brilliance Records Diamond Club. The really fun thing? The band wrote and recorded the song in six hours. That’s impressive!

The band consist of a bunch of talented musicians in their late teens. ‘The Mess’ features everything a good indie tune should posses; it is ridiculously catchy, has a powerful chorus, it’s youthful, filled with energy and well, it just make you want to move. With a debut like this, it will be interesting to see what they will come up with in the future, and if a united Norwegian music press will be proved right; that 2013 will be Kid Astray’s year.

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