Every year around Christmas, all of Sweden come together in one of the world’s biggest unintentional teambuilding exercises. What brings us closer is our common hatred of SJ, the government-owned train operator in Sweden, who mysteriously stops functioning as soon as the first snow flake hits the ground. During these times of wrath and endless Twitter rants I like to turn to music. Music that’s perfect for incredibly slow train rides and winter landscape views. The Stockholm based organ/psych quintet Mackaper makes this sort of music. Music that makes you think about how you could do far worse than to sit in a warm and quite comfortable train and look at beautiful nature. So in the spirit of Christmas, and Sweden, let’s all come together and listen to, and download, ‘DIMMA’ (translation: Fog) – taken from Mackaper’s new album Mot Ljusare Tider (translation: Towards Brighter Times (!)), out now via Flora & Fauna.

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