A lot of great stories start with a backing vocalist getting his/her shot at the spotlight. One thing that can be said of Norwegian Ingvild Østgård is that the spotlight benefits her. After doing backing for Philco Fiction, Lucy Swann and Maria Solheim, among others, she released ‘Easy’ on the newly founded Diamond Club earlier this month.

When the Oslo-based singer released her first debut last year we wrote that “musically speaking, Ingvild Østgård’s music has many strong similarities to other Norwegian artists in what I ironically call “the Norwegian indiesphere”, notably Therese Aune (but less quirky), Ane Brun or at times even the funky, melancholic pop of Philco Fiction, particularly with their first EP Give Us To The Lions in mind. Indeed very fitting for this cold, blue season that is oh so slowly approaching us.” With ‘Easy’ this is still very much true. The single continues to grow on you with every listen, and the label “indiepop” is still intact. Together with her band, consisting of Lars Even Tørresen, Erik Normann and Mats Wennerbeg, she is now working towards a full length album. If the future brings more of that bittersweet, catchy vibe ‘Esay’ introduced, this is definitely  newcomer to watch out for.

We sent over some questions to find out more about Ingvild, the track and what the Diamond Club really consist of:

Hey Ingvild, so tell us, who are you and what do you do?
I come from a small island in the north of Norway, but have been living in Oslo for some time now. When I don’t work as a graphic designer and illustrator I spend my days making music and playing with my band. In a short sentence you could say that I am an Oslo-based indiepop songstress.

Your single ‘Easy’ was released through Brilliance record’s Diamond Club imprint – what can you tell us about this club?
The club is a wonderful opportunity for new unsigned artists! Their  concept is to release two new artists and singles every month. A nice way to spot someone new.

‘Easy’ is said to be about envy within the creative industry, can you tell us more about that?
I think that everyone who has ambitions and wishes for their work compare themselves with others now and then. For me envy never comes alone… it’s mixed together with other “starstrikinglike” feelings and admire. Mostly it turns out to be inspiration in the end.

Who are you envious of?
I just want to say that in my everyday life I’m a very happy girl, he he. But when I do feel envy, I envy other bands/artists that make music that hits me in the heart with a unique sound, and who makes fantastic music sound easy!

I can also be envious of friends in the industry when they get opportunities and gigs that I dream about. Of course normally those opportunities are well deserved… but sometimes… it feels like they were just so lucky.

You have previously been done backing vocals for Philco Fiction, among others. How does it feel to have the spotlight for yourself?
It feels great to get the upportunity to show something that I’ve been working with for a long time.

What’s next?
I plan on playing live as much as I can! And keep on working towards a full record.

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