The last time we posted about Nils Bech was when his first single ‘A Sudden Sickness‘, from his then upcoming album, had premiered on Dazed Digital back in June. Last week, said album, Look Inside, was released.

Now his second video from the album is out. Joining him and his ‘When You Look at Me’ is directors Tove Sivertsen and Silas Henriksen. Henriksen, one of Norway’s premier ballet dancers, also star in the video, together with dancers from the National Ballet. The video is beautifully made, toned down and carries a certain silence with the dancers all dressed in nude colors. At the same time it is driven forward by Bech and the dance. When Bech sings “Am I good enough” you can clearly see the question in the eyes of Henriksen, making it a truly heartbreaking moment.

Of the video, Bech said to Gaffa: “The lyrics’ message about personal insecurity when meeting love is expressed through the dancers’ insecurity when facing the stage and the audience.”

Without saying too much we can reveal that the end of the video doesn’t contain much, well, clothing. Check it out here:

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