This is definitely one of the funnies, weirdest and cutes videos we have seen so far in 2012. Old ladies dressed in their gym outfits, dancing around a world map, stretching, holding watermelons and throwing glitter around? All we could think was “who came up with this” and “oh my god, this is so weirdly cute”.

Behind the video is Oslo-based Tuba Tuba. Acording to themselves, there are two myths around the band. The first one is that they are a german/austrian tuba duo. The  second is that they are the best thing that has happened to norwegian pop since The Aller Værste. Now we wouldn’t exactly call The Aller Værste pop, but what is true is that Tuba Tuba have potential. They sing in Norwegian, play poppy tunes that sticks to your brain and that makes it impossible to sit still. This could definitely turn out to be interesting. Watch the video and decide for yourself:

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