Icelanders have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather now, wait five minutes”. Coming from a country where blizzards come and go like teenage romances, Sudden Weather Change are appropriately named. But do they have any staying power?

I think so. Their tracks are subtly well produced, and underneath the more immediate aspects of their music, the guitar riffs, the drums, the vocals, is a hidden basement of background sounds. You can easily miss this distant radiation on some tracks, but it adds nicely to their overall feel, which comes from working with Reykjav√≠k’s top Australian-born Noise producer Ben Frost. Production is something Iceland has been doing well for many years, and it’s great to hear that more accessible bands are working with overtly experiemental genres such as Noise music.

The songmanship on top of all this is forward and engaging. I can’t help but be reminded a little of Coldplay, but only because they have this crafted feeling of circularity to the lyrics and guitarwork which Coldplay exhibited in their early years. Beyond that the comparison ends. They’re dark and primal without being messy. Dare I say they sound a little bit like portions of the Silent Hill 2 game soundtrack? No, that would be way too geeky.

Sudden Weather Change are just finishing a tour of the US, but if you’re heading to Iceland Airwaves at the end of the month you can catch them there.

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