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Earlier this summer we blogged about Highasakite and their ‘Indian Summer’, saying that it captures the summer, the late summer and the indian summer beautifully.

We are not the only ones who are fond of their catchy, dreamy and sweet indie pop. After their performance at Øya, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon tweeted “Beautiful music from @Highasakiteband at @oyafestival #oya2012 holy shit this was a crazy band! I loved it!” After that, several other music medias declared their love for the band, with Pitchfork claiming them one of the best Norwegian bands discovered at Øya and Paste Magazine saying that “It took me a minute to get past their faux-Indian garbs and war paint, but once I did they turned out to be one of the best Norwegian acts I saw all week.”

War paint or no war paint (our own Tonje Thilelsen was in her review of Øya not sure whether their new focus on live visuals actually worked), this band is taking the international music press by storm. Last week the five-piece band from Oslo premiered their video for ‘Indian Summer’ on, something that, according to the band “felt good”.

We decided that it was about time to get to know the band a little better, and emailed over some questions. Did you for example know that they are planning to ” tour the shit out of this planet”? Well, you do now.

Hi, Highasakite! Who are you and what do you do?
We are five musicians from Norway. Three dudes and two dudettes playing their hearts out.

Your music sounds to us like “sweet indie pop, just the type of music that gives you a calm feeling of sun on your skin.” How would you describe your music yourself? 
That sounds nice. I would absolutely say that I think our music takes place outside. Its written with a longing for being outside again, where I grew up. But I don’t feel it as a beach summer soundtrack. To me its more of a wood, mountain and neighborhood soundtrack. The ear, eyes and mind of the beholder I guess.

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, among others, called your debut album the album of the year and Bon Iver is obviously a big fan of yours, how does these good reviews affect you, both personally and as a band?
It goes both ways, the more people like it, the more hate it too. It makes us more thick skinned and relaxed about it all. As a band it gives us publicity and more shows. So it’s all good.

You have played at some of Norway’s most important festivals this summer. What feedback have you gotten from these?
Lots of great feedback. People liked it, I think.

What is the plan ahead? Any UK shows coming up?
We played Berlin this weekend. And then a trip to Iceland in November. After christmas we are touring the whole world to the bone. Oh yes. Hopefully we’ll play in the UK quite soon as well! We are going to tour the shit out of this planet. No joke.

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