Milesmore is a fresh, poppy and salty melodic echo rock band from Helsinki, that recently released their self-titled debut album with own effort. After randomly stumbling upon this band over at Bandcamp in June, a bunch of thoughts swirled through my mind: “nice, easy and echoey, sweetly polished but conveniently imperfect”, “well balanced and mixed”, “reminds me of Fences”, “a bit of those stretched and grizzled vowels of (uhm) Kings of Leon and young Bono”, “definitely majorish indie and radio friendly”, “I love it”, “are they really Finnish?”, “who are they signed to?”, “NO ONE?”, “200 likes on FB?” and finally, “are you kidding me?”

And let me just explain you why. With fluent songwriting skills, these guys liquify our ear canals with thoughts of lost and gained love effectively throughout the whole album. With a summery vibe and nostalgic sidekick, the storyline sweeps amiably in the past, present and the future using slow-mo and fast-fo agreeably. Milesmore has a desirable balance between sweetly disingenuous skittery clangour bass and guitar lines, with bites of hazy piano, crisp and fluffy vocals and sweepy thumping drums. It leaves a happy state of cosyness and a positively longing flavor of thought. The album is a well cooked and mature, a delicately shaped meal with a juicy broth of something familiar and something new. And seriously, they are not signed. I would suspect a mildly wild A&R moshpit around these guys any time soon.

Download the whole album for free via Bandcamp:

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