One of Sweden’s oldest and most prominent festivals, Hulstredsfestivalen, has a couple of troubled years in its baggage, but it’s still going strong and this year they (the new organizers, FKP Scorpio) have got it all covered; super organized accommodation options, big screen TVs showing Euro 2012, chartered trains going from Stockholm down to Hultsfred, a smartphone app, and, by the looks of it, awesome weather – and more. But more importantly, the lineup is really really good, so if your schedule is clear between June 14 and June 16, you know what to do. And now for the fun part! Here are our Nordic must-sees:

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Icona Pop
Sleep Party People
Azure Blue
Richard Rossa
French Films
The Cardigans
Studio Barnhus
Wild At Heart Dj set
Simian Ghost
Anna Ternheim
Ikons Dj set

Peep the full lineup here and get your tickets here.

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