A hello, it’s Helsinki here and this’s what’s up. If you’re yet to hear of the vintagey and gritty beating Finnish rap artist Gracias, you most definitely should hear him out now. Gracias (Deogracias Masomi) has risen like Ron Jeremy’s genitals fast in the Helsinki underground music scene and has just released his and the producer JTT’s (Juuso Tapio Talsi) first album, Globe, in May 2012 after the huge success of his first Gracias EP release in 2011. This snazzymouthed chill hop with nifty and elegant production and deep sinking coolness leaves me with only one conclusion: These dudes are serious about rap music.

Watch the smoky and newly released music video for ‘Night Shift’, produced by Cocoa.

Here‘s Gracias on Soundcloud. Also, check out his first single ‘HKI’! “That’s what’s up.”

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