Tonight, for those of you not on the way to The Great Escape, Crunchy Frog Records present their fourth and final leg of their shows at The Wheelbarrow in London. The label that brought you Junior SeniorThe Raveonettes, 18th Dye and Heavy Trash are presenting the following fine, upstanding artists, and free entry…

The Tremolo Beer Gut
They love tremolo, they love beer and they’ve got guts. Man, if only every band’s name was so focussed. TBG are the world’s premier retro-surf-rock band and their records explode with original-yet-classic compositions, recorded boldly in mono, dual stereo and whichever way the band damn-well pleases. Live, they’re always a dangerous encounter.

Lars and The Hands of Light
This Copenhagen quartet released their first album ‘The Looking Glass’ in the spring of 2010, an exceptionally mature and coherent debut. The band has toured as opening act for The Raveonettes and Belle and Sebastian among others (who like them very much indeed).

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band
Snake & Jet or Thor and Thomas, if you prefer. The only band that’s both laissez-faire and perfectionist, lo-fi and hi-fi.  Their first single, ‘Black Egg’ was Clash Magazine’s Track of The Day. Listen:

Facebook invite here.

730 doors
830 Lars and The Hands of Light
930 Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band
1030 The Tremolo Beer Gut

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