Stockholm-via-Gothenburg good guy Jonas Lundqvist (formerly known as Jonas Game and the drummer from Bad Cash Quartet) has – after having released the first single from his new album, Så e de me de (translation: That’s the way it is), way back in May – finally delivered the full monty, which was recorded on and off for two years together with the acclaimed producer and perfectionist Rasmus Hägg (from the now defunct Studio). And it has definitely been worth the wait. The previously unheard-of mix of Lundqvist’s sincere and non-artificial vocals and Hägg’s characteristically groovy and unearthly guitar lines is sure to make you shiver with pleasure. That is the way it is. And it’s summery too.

Thus, needless to say, what we have here is yet another essential Swedish pop classic, and it is streaming in full on Spotify. Listen to the album opener ‘Sanktas’ below to get you off the starting blocks, and then keep your eyes peeled on this space, where you can purchase the album tomorrow, March 21.

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