Last year, we were introduced to a lovely split EP with the two Norwegian soundscapers Himstegrims and Ole Torjus, hailing from Norway’s musical capital Bergen. Together they make out the core of the small, but indeed lovely label Unn Records, focusing on a slightly more minimalistic side of electronica, but with a highly organic and down-to-earth atmosphere, obviously in inspiration of the Norwegian genius Kim Hiorthøy. On their newest sampler Unn Records 2012, we are given a little peak into the worlds of Ole Torjus, London/Oslo resident Lee Chapman, Peder Simonsen and Søren Andreasen from Haderslev, Denmark, whom all have upcoming releases this year, in different forms and formats. As beautiful as the artwork by Christian Narvesen, these four craftsmen make sounds that feels close; almost in a physical state of mind, as if you can reach out and grab it for a further study — finally being able to sense the near-invisible details of its fragile surface.

Stream the four tracks via Soundcloud.

At The Bottom Of A Strange Hill by ole torjus

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