We’re not the first to post this, arguably the finest track from Hanne Hukkelberg‘s soon-to-be-released fourth album Featherbrain, but by God, we’re her biggest fans and we’ll meet anyone who dares question this on top of Primrose Hill at midday tomorrow to settle it. ‘Noah’ is a gorgeous, haunting song, opening with Hukkelberg’s magnificent vocal, both discordant and mellifluous, backed by treated piano and a quiet heartbeat, gradually building to a crescendo of layered voices, strings, a quickening pulse, falling away like a firework’s embers, leaving us caught between stillness, and an anguished lunge for the ‘repeat’ button.

Featherbrain will be released on Propeller Recordings on 17th February 2012 (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), 20th (UK) and 24th (Norway).

 Hanne Hukkelberg – Noah by Propeller Recordings

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