Bengtsarvet is a post-rock band from the province of Dalarna in Sweden (and named after a village in the same province), and frankly that’s almost all the information that is available on the band online. They released their debut single ‘Slutet’/’Monarken’ (in English that would be ‘The End’/’The Monarch’) in July this year via Strangers Candy and a couple of weeks ago a video for the 9-minutes long ‘Slutet’ by Johan Stolpe was released.

Stolpe previously directed The Tallest Man on Earth‘s video for “Love Is All” and the video for ‘Slutet’ is beautifully shot, featuring images of a snowy Dalarna and a couple of masked individuals (presumably the band). Both the video and the track are pretty much amazing, so go ahead and watch it below (plus listen to the b-side ‘Monarken’ using the Soundcloud widget below the video).

Bengtsarvet – Monarken by Strangers Candy

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