We are reliably informed that Eurosonic Noorderslag – Europe’s main conference and showcase festival for European music and yes we took that from their website – have booked no less than eleven Norwegian artists for next year’s conference and festival for European music. Held in Groningen, 3,000 music industry delegates will descend on this pretty Dutch town on 11th-14th January 2012 to watch 250 bands perform, and talk about their golf handicap / favourite blogger.

The lucky Norwegian artists are as follows, with this writer’s comments in brackets:

– Hønningbarna (great string-led metal, sounds far better than the description)
– Team Me (super-infectious soaraway pop)
– Hurra Torpedo (uncategorisable genuis, see below. Watch until 1.45 at least)
– Razika (they played Ja Ja Ja recently)
– 120 Days (we’d like to have them)
– Deathcrush (OMG DEATHCRUSH R AWESOMEZ!!!!!!)
– Lemâitre (Finnish mob on Kitsune)
– Djerv (Oslo rock/metal)
– 22 (prog-y rock)
– Philco Fiction (they’re playing JJJ in January!)
– Katzenjammer (they played JJJ earlier this year and they’re great!)


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