Marianne Sveen (aka 1/4 of Norway’s Katzenjammer) is well-known around the sprawling offices of Ja Ja Ja and we’re excited to hear of this multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist’s solo project, Dandylion, heralded by the imminent release of her album ‘Images of Construction’, to be released in three stages on Propeller Recordings; the first on 30th December. And we’re pleased to offer you an exclusive first listen to ‘The Monster Calls’, an intriguing introduction to what promises to be (assuming she’s not tying both of her hands behind her back) a bold, inventive and very catchy body of work. This track nods toward many styles without committing to any (soul, gospel and modern R&B) and does so using nothing but Sveen’s voice and some very sparing piano work. It’s ghostly, haunting and some other words that needlessly reference the supernatural, which says far more about the author of this blog post after a few pre-Christmas rums than it does about Dandylion’s music.

*pours another glass*

01 Dandylion – The Monster by Propeller Recordings

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