Oh this is nice… assuming you like Dan Michaelson / Mark Lanegan minor chord-laden, melancholic-pop. Which we do. The Boombox Hearts are from Denmark and they’ve send us their (perhaps ironically-titled) new song, ‘Crank It Up’. Their songs tend to focus on Norwegian girls, ex-girlfriends, too much drinking and the resulting hangovers, themes we can all identify with, especially the Norwegian girls, right?

They released their debut EP ‘Monte Carlo‘ in April of this year and they’ve recently been nominated for two awards by Danish web magazine, Underlyd), and their songs pop up in film and TV shows from time to time, most notably a version of Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Teenage Lust’, which was featured in the American success series Gossip Girl.

Crank it up by The Boombox Hearts

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