Ahhhhhhh it’ll soon be time for the music industry seminar/showcase/festival that’s actually enjoyable (if someone can dream up a less conducive environment in which to enjoy live music than SxSW, I’d love to hear about it). Enjoyable, that is, if you’re okay with walking on three months of impacted sheet ice, snow, and industrial-grade grit that’ll take the colour straight out of your denims if you fall over on the way to the next gig. And you will fall over. But you will enjoy it, because you will be at by:Larm, and by:Larm is nothing if not fun. They take around 200 artists from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and house them in really good venues (as opposed to say, SxSW, CMJ or The Great Escape who – through no fault of their own – don’t have so many really good venues at their disposal) all within walking distance. Or sliding distance. Anyway, it’s all great fun and with many debates and panels and lectures, really quite instructive too. We’ve just taken a look through the artists announced so far and even we don’t recognise many of them, which is really exciting and suggests a whole new musical playground to explore. We’ve chosen a track by Sweden’s Little Majorette for you to listen to, because it’s upbeat and jaunty and dead poppy. Rest assured though that all aural foodgroups are repped at by:Larm.

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