It’s not every day that you hear the words “intense Finnish post-Kraut / acid house hybrid” banded about. It’s also not every day that a band whose artwork merely consists of a crude MS Paint-rendered logo of their name turn out to be anything other than utter tosh.

But Finland’s K-X-P prove all these initial thoughts falsified with a brash-n-bold mish-mash of hard rock and kraut-inspired electronica. ‘Easy’ is probably their most accessible track today, showing a poppier side to a band known for their ferocious live shows.

Bassist and keyboardist Tuomo Puranen says:

“I kind of hope we can transcend those by-now-useless categories and become something more. We’re an abstract sculpture made of sound and flesh! But live we are more like an electronic Motörhead – high energy level and pure honesty. Plug in and play loud.

K-X-P – Easy (Radio Edit)

The trio are set to release a new three-track EP marking their signing to Manchester’s Melodic label. They also embark on a mammoth European tour shortly.

13 – Camp, London, England
15 – Iceland Airwaves Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland
28 – Soy Festival, Nantes, France
30 – Circus, Leaganes, Spain
31 –  Monkey Week Festival, Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

1 –  La Faena, Madrid, Spain
2 –  Cultural Center, Bermeo, Spain
4 – Lieu Commun Art Gallery, Toulouse, France
6 – Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France
7 – Consortium, Dijon, France
9 – Clandestino, Faenza, Italy
10 –  Le Bourg, Lausanne, CH
11 – Bad Bonn, Dudingen, Switzerland
12 – Le Vecteur, Charleroi, Belgium
13 – Trix, Antwerp, Belgium

For tickets to the London show, head over to here.

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