The Line Of Best Fit present:

September 11, 2011. The Lexington, London N1 9JB


SPOT Festival, Denmark’s ‘other’ music festival that sits rather unfairly in the shadows of the Roskilde behemoth, brought us many a delight during our visit back in May. No more so than on the final evening of the festival when a rabbit-masked Brian Batz brought on stage his gaggle of similary masked cohorts to perform 40 minutes of the most delicate, serene and atmospheric pop music these ears have heard in a long, long time. No doubt about it, even whilst the band were on stage an email was sent to the relevant parties to arrange a UK show as soon as humanly possible. And now, three months on, we’re thrilled to announce that Sleep Party People will be headlining London’s Lexington on September 11 and, what’s more, it’s a totally free show.

Joining the Copenhagen based collective are two of our favourite new bands in the world right now. Brighton’s Fear Of Men will provide a dose of their joyous C86-tinged hook laden guitar pop whilst London’s I Ching will shower us with glorious dream-laden melancholy. A triple bill that you seriously do not want to miss out on, and remember, it’s totally free to get in.

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Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All

Fear of Men- Ritual Confession

I Ching – It’s Me

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