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Femme-Beat DJ School

The Femme-Beat DJ School was a newly initiated initiative put together by Rättviseförmedlingen- The Equalisters – a Swedish organisation aiming to correct the imbalances of representation in the field of media, culture and business, together with the Swedish Institute. The aim was to encourage more women to become DJs – offering a practical course that provides the professional tools needed in order to become established, as well as creating connections and networking opportunities in the music industry.
Festival goers were invited to attend a talk from Soraya Hashim, Community Manager at The Equalisters, on how to use social media to create a more equal society. The talk took place in the downstairs auditorium from 2.45-3.45pm.

Ja Ja Ja ticket holders were also be able to book their own 20-minute DJ gig – using Pacemaker for the iPad – and try to rock the crowd with the music they love from Spotify!

Click here for more information about the Equalisters project.

TALK: The Equalisters – how to use social media for social change

Sweden is known for being one of the most equal countries in the world – however Swedish news media struggles to portray society as a whole. There is an imbalance in representation in media, culture and business, where women and minorities often are excluded. The non-profit organisation Equalisters was initiated to challenge these inequalities.

Equalisters work as a social service, utilizing the powerful dynamics of crowdsourcing to work towards a more democratic, fair, and equal society. Since its inception in 2010 the organisation has successfully helped close to a thousand companies, organisations and media to change and work in a more equal and inclusive manner.

Today Equalisters is a leading participant and creator of public opinion on diversity and equality in Sweden. As a social and digital movement the organisation engages more than 70 000 people who all contribute to changing Swedish society. The initiative has been honoured with a variety of awards, including a nomination from the Swedish Institute for the Nobel Peace Prize. Organisations similar to Equalisters have been established in other Scandinavian countries.

Soraya Hashim, Community Manager will explain the strategy behind the Equalisters’ success. She will further elaborate on how the organisation aspire to contribute to the creation of a world where people are not defined and constrained by their gender, origin, ethnicity, physical ability or age – which all can wrongly define who we are and how we take part in society.

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