Artists | Emiliana Torrini

Emillia_Torrini_2014Photo by Sara Amroussi-Gilissen

Iceland’s Emilíana Torrini is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer, and joined us at the Ja Ja Ja Festival 2014!

After releasing her eighth album Tookah in 2013, Emilíana brought her mesmerising tracks and unique voice to the beautiful setting of the Great Hall for a very special performance.

As well as the unmissable show for the festival, Emilíana also worked with acclaimed Finnish chef Antto Melasniemi to create a fantastic menu that was available to purchase on each day of the Ja Ja Ja Festival. Find out more about the ‘crispy catfish cheeks’ and ‘lamb cheek sandwiches’ that Emilíana and Antto prepared by having a look here:

Emilíana Torrini performed at the Ja Ja Ja Festival on Saturday 15th November in The Great Hall – Mile End, London




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